Pinellas Pepper Fest

A Hot 'n' Spicy Food Show!

Vendor Sign-up

Vendor Fee


Vendor Fee is $175.00 for the weekend.

All vendors will need to bring their own 10' x 10' tent, coolers, ice, tables & chairs.


No electricity is provided.  If a generator is needed, it must ne located a minimum of 50 feet

away from vendor area to create limited sound interuption.

This is a two (2) day rain or shine event. No Refunds.

Set-up is Saturday from 7:00am til 9:30am. All booths need to be set up and ready

For business no later than 9:30am Saturday morning and must remain

Set up for the entire day, no leaving early. All vehicles must be moved to the parking lot

By this time, No exceptions will be made.

All trash must be contained in the vendor trash area provided.

All vendors are responsible for the collection and payment of their own sales tax.

I agree to abide by all county's rules and regulations. I understand that this contact shall

Be legally binding between Reybob Investors & myself. I agree that

Any change in this information in the contract must be made in writing and signed by

All parties. Vendors should insure their own exhibit and display materials.

The City of Pinellas Park, Reybob Investors does not and will not assume liability for any

injury, nor any other Accident to visitors or vendors that may occur during the event.

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